Cali Rice Fest is an agricultural, cultural and food festival celebrating the contribution of rice to our culture, cuisine and landscape. We were tasked to develop a complete brand program to launch the signature Northern California event.

We were commissioned to re-brand A Taste of Fair Oaks in 2019. The existing brand was dated and one dimensional. We created a brand system with a wide range of marks and design elements applicable to promotional initiatives and high quality collateral.

Diplomacy is defined as the conduct of international relations, as well as the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way. Bottle Diplomacy brings international wines and the cultures behind them to anyone who is up for the adventure. We were hired to create a brand that highlights the passion and craft of wine making and the strong relationships supporting it.

As a growing alliance of over a dozen healthcare facilities and thousands of doctors, Canopy Health needed a comprehensive marketing strategy that set them up for long-term success. Canopy Health came to us in 2016 as a new healthcare organization needing help with a go-to-market strategy and implementation. We spearheaded all planning, traditional and digital initiatives within the project as well as comprehensive project and budget management.

Weekender Magazine is Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Gold River, Orangevale and Rancho Cordova community’s go-to source to find out what’s going on locally and beyond. Every month features events, stories, nearby businesses and new opportunities to find your fun! Weekender engages audiences, celebrates communities, and encourages readers to become loyal customers.

Bands, gigs, concerts and events — we love the big canvas that posters provide.

We work closely with clients to create unique logos and identities that hit the mark.

A busy 76 gas station and convenience store along Highway 80 in Penryn California tasked us with creating an authentic brand for their new restaurant called the Penryn Grill. We nailed it and the brand became the anchor to the revitalized destination station where travelers can get their fill — full tank & full belly.

Our efforts branding Sacramento’s 2016 Art Hotel, a temporary art exhibition space in the abandoned Jade Hotel, and the follow up 2017 Art Street in an abandoned warehouse space, we’re wildly successful events generating rave reviews, overwhelming attendance and international exposure. It was just what Sacramento needed, a peek into the hearts of the many artists that breath life into art and this city.